I promise. You're gonna be fine. You have to believe in me.
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if his sister could actually see him

and he didn’t remember her

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Its weird to think that after three months of being on here I would have 200 people following me. I have met some great people, experienced new styles, and interacted in ways I never thought I would. Now I want to promote those people that I have found to be not only  inspirational, but are just plain fun, even if we have never spoken before.


Of course this list will change, in the future but as of right now  these are the people that will never lose me as a follower.

Bold: Senpai

How To Train Your Dragon:

astridthefearlesshofferson skrills-and-berzerkers snotlout-born-a-warrior tuffnutthorstonthebesttwin awkward-and-brave uselesshiccup amotherneverforgets rider-of-the-nadder theferrariofdragons

Other Cannon:

guards-childhood-memories weedingwallthestud jackthefrostboy cagedpromises riseofthefrostdragons glaciemrex frostingthesky captain-zarina taliathefearless jackintheice feistyredheadrebels thevvinterqueen jackfrostsnowday

Original Characters:

icarusoccasus justabitpaleforanightfury askjackfire lights-and-promises outcastdragon ask-fira

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Hastily made banner, check. So I never do those ‘send me a <3 if you like my blog’ things because I worry about the people who I’d miss. I’m still worried about who I’m going to miss here. This has been sitting in my drafts for a week while I worry about who I’m going to forget. But here it is, the incomplete list of RP blogs who I’ve noticed on my dash recently and who I will stalk till they tell me not to. For the HTTYD/personal blogs I’m following: Hey, I love you too.

If you see your blog here, it is due to one of the following factors: I’ve seen you on my dash recently and therefore able to keep you in my stupid ass brain, you seem like a good person, you make amazing art, you post fantastic stuff, you are a great RPer, you are an amazing writer, I have/had fun playing with you, I’ve known you for years and it would be awkward not to include you >_>, I wait for the day that I see an opening and worm my way into a RP with you, or likely some combination of those things.

The important part is, even though I don’t talk much and don’t send you as much praise as you need or always catch when you need a *hug* or do but feel like it’s not my place, you have all made me smile in one way or another. I hope to one day return the favor to you and all my followers. I think now we have a group hug and cry and braid each others hair but I could be wrong. Girling is hard.

tl;dr, I really like your blog, dude. But I’m still going to be a shy butt and not talk to you.

 A - O

ailsaalfreda amotherneverforgets april-alex-miller ask-fira astrid-horredous-haddock astridtheamazing blindfae bloodofawarrior boywiththebluecap boundreverie cursedlittleheir daughteroftherunt draconicphantom emmaline-overland fearmongrel frost-spirit-gone-fox frostynipper g-garasu glaciemrex hiccupinglasses isolexmonstre jackfrostsnowday jack-is-snowballs-and-funtimes jackthefrostboy lights-and-promises like-a-braus lobitsheadoffkindofgurl luna-andsol marumayu milomonroe ohdamnitsaginger

 P - Z

paranoidqueenofarendelle rainthemare redrubyraven rider-of-the-nadder ronandang ruffnutthorstonthebesttwin severedbond shadowtoothless smilinguntilipassout snotlout-born-a-warrior snotlout4a springandcreativity teacupexorcist thedorkiestviking thefatesdesign theferrariofdragons thegentlenightfury thestaffoffrost thetigerwoman thevvinterqueen welcometodragontraining yamchou-elliot youbr0kemysmoulder yuki-kasumi

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I know I said I’d do this when I got to 200, but I’m just too excited and I had to post this now or I’d burst into a cloud of confetti! The people listed below are roleplay blogs that I think you should definitely take a look at—whether I’ve interacted with them or not, there’s something about their blog, the mun or character that I like a lot, so.

They are in no order of preference and the blogs listed are the ones that have been active within the last week!


{ toothiana }    custodixmemoriis | fairyxfiacail    { north }    nicholas-st-north | norththeguardian    { bunnymund }    asterebunnymund | im-not-a-kangaroo | bunnymundnotaroo | easter-pooka    { sandy }    floatinggoldensands | sxmniatis    { jack }    memoryofwinter | aeternalisnix | frostynipper | themoon-toldmeso | jokuls | browneyedtrickster | misterwhitewinter | glaciemrex | you-can-see-me | frostedxmischief    { pitch }    pulchriore | sollictusx | fallen-intoshadows | mediis-tenebris | timeforfeartoruletheworld | ravusatrum | thewaitingshadow

OTHERS — (includes rotg ocs, frozen, httyd, and other dreamworks/disney blogs }

i-want-your-memories | afaceamidthestorm | the-cupid | glaciescorona | spiritofellie | neverbotheredbycold | xconcealed | edhelernil | frigidistenebris | stucanje | atricksterssister | littlesnxwangel | fregnete | spareheiress | ofarendellex | easterelf | hawkinsflight | powerofra | incatenis | powerfulballofcharisma | drakedomitor

Okay! And that concludes it! I will be doing a doodle/icon giveaway probably sometime tomorrow evening, so stay tuned and thank you all for following and writing with me~ ♡ Original artwork above can be found here.

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Darkness. That’s the first thing I remember. It was dark, it was cold, and I was scared. But then… then I saw the Moon. It was so big, and it was so bright. It seemed to, chase the darkness away. And when it did… I wasn’t scared anymore. Why I was there and what I was meant to do, that I’ve never known, and a part of me wonders if I ever will.

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